1. More than 100 Topics
  2. Each word have Image
  3. PDF file (whithout/no watermark) for download
  4. Gif  for more quickly understanding
  5. Audio
  6. Sentence with audio and gif.


  1. Adjective
  2. Adverb
  3. Alphabet
  4. Animal
  5. Article
  6. Baby
  7. Bank
  8. Berry
  9. Bird
  10. Body
  11. Buy
  12. Cereal
  13. City
  14. Clothes
  15. Color
  16. Comparative
  17. Condiment
  18. Conjunction
  19. Country
  20. Dairy
  21. Day
  22. Description
  23. Dialogue
  24. Drink
  25. Emotion
  26. Expression
  27. Fact
  28. Family
  29. Farm Animals
  30. Feelings
  31. Fish
  32. Flour Products
  33. Flower
  34. Food
  35. Fruit
  36. Furniture
  37. Future
  38. Games
  39. Geography
  40. Greetings
  41. Health – (Medicine)
  42. History
  43. Hobby
  44. House
  45. Humor
  46. Hygiene
  47. Influencer
  48. Insects
  49. Interjection
  50. Internet
  51. Jewelry
  52. Kitchen
  53. Law
  54. Love
  55. Meat
  56. Medical Herbs
  57. Men’s Clothing
  58. Mushroom
  59. Musical Instruments
  60. Negative
  61. Noun
  62. Numeral
  63. Nuts
  64. Office
  65. Oils
  66. Opposites
  67. Past
  68. Plural
  69. Positive
  70. Preposition
  71. Present
  72. Pronoun
  73. Proverb
  74. Safety
  75. School
  76. Sell
  77. Shape
  78. Shoes
  79. Shop
  80. Skill
  81. Slang
  82. Song
  83. Spices
  84. Sport
  85. Superlative
  86. Sweets
  87. Taxes
  88. Time
  89. Tongue Twisters
  90. Tools
  91. Topic
  92. Toy
  93. Transport
  94. Travel
  95. Tree
  96. Unit of Measurement
  97. Utilities
  98. Vegetable
  99. Verb
  100. War
  101. Women’s Clothing
  102. Work

Hello Adventurer!

Hello Adventurer!

My name is Pavel. I’m a Librarian. Now I live in Paris and I’m working as a virtual tour photographer, examples:

I need to improve my english and french language skills very quickly. We can learn more when we learn together.

So, dear friends… now I (Pavel) and Oxana (my wife) are adding to our site more than 100 Topics and all Fry and Dolch words each on separate page… for ours and your convenience to learn english an french words … site can be temporarily unavailable… thank you for understanding…

Your opinion is important to me and future of this project. You can use feedback form (for you questions, suggestions, and english/french words/topics/tools (any help what I can do fo you) request. Thank You!

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Thank You!

10th 100 Fry Word List

action, actually, adjective, afraid, agreed, ahead, allow, apple, arrived, born, bought, British, capital, chance, chart, church, column, company, conditions, corn, cotton, cows, create, dead, deal, death, details, determine, difficult, division, doesn’t, effect, entire, especially, evening, experience, factories, fair, fear, fig, forward, France, fresh, Greek, gun, hoe, huge, isn’t, led, level, located, march, match, molecules, northern, nose, office, opposite, oxygen, plural, prepared, pretty, printed, radio, repeated, rope, rose, score, seat, settled, shoes, shop, similar, sir, sister, smell, solution, southern, steel, stretched, substances, suffix, sugar, tools, total, track, triangle, truck, underline, various, view, Washington, we’ll, western, win, women, workers, wouldn’t, wrong, yellow

9th 100 Fry Word List

addition, army, bell, belong, block, blood, blow, board, bones, branches, cattle, chief, compare, compound, consider, cook, corner, crops, crowd, current, doctor, dollars, eight, electric, elements, enjoy, entered, except, exciting, expect, famous, fit, flat, fruit, fun, guess, hat, hit, indicate, industry, insects, interesting, Japanese, lie, lifted, loud, major, mall, meat, mine, modern, movement, necessary, observe, park, particular, planets, poem, pole, position, process, property, provide, rather, rhythm, rich, safe, sand, science, sell, send, sense, seven, sharp, shoulder, sight, silent, soldiers, spot, spread, stream, string, suggested, supply, swim, terms, thick, thin, thus, tied, tone, trade, tube, value, wash, wasn’t, weight, wife, wings, won’t

8th 100 Fry Word List

alone, art, bad, bank, bit, break, brown, burning, business, captain, catch, caught, cents, child, choose, clean, climbed, cloud, coast, continued, control, cool, cost, decimal, desert, design, direct, drawing, ears, east, else, engine, England, equal, experiment, express, feeling, fell, flow, foot, garden, gas, glass, God, grew, history, human, hunting, increase, information, itself, joined, key, lady, law, least, lost, maybe, mouth, party, pay, period, plains, please, practice, president, received, report, ring, rise, row, save, seeds, sent, separate, serve, shouted, single, skin, statement, stick, straight, strange, students, suppose, symbols, team, touch, trouble, uncle, valley, visit, wear, whose, wire, woman, wrote, yard, you’re, yourself

7th 100 Fry Word List

act, Africa, age, already, although, amount, angle, appear, baby, bear, beat, bed, bottom, bright, broken, build, buy, care, case, cat, century, consonant, copy, couldn’t, count, cross, dictionary, died, dress, either, everyone, everything, exactly, factors, fight, fingers, floor, fraction, free, French, gold, hair, hill, hole, hope, ice, instead, iron, jumped, killed, lake, laughed, lead, let’s, lot, melody, metal, method, middle, milk, moment, nation, natural, outside, per, phrase, poor, possible, pounds, pushed, quiet, quite, remain, result, ride, rolled, sail, scale, section, sleep, smiled, snow, soil, solve, someone, son, speak, speed, spring, stone, surprise, tall, temperature, themselves, tiny, trip, type, village, within, wonder

6th 100 Fry Word List

anything, arms, beautiful, believe, beside, bill, blue, brother, can’t, cause, cells, center, clothes, dance, describe, developed, difference, direction, discovered, distance, divided, drive, drop, edge, eggs, energy, Europe, exercise, farmers, felt, finished, flowers, forest, general, gone, grass, happy, heart, held, instruments, interest, job, kept, lay, legs, length, love, main, matter, meet, members, million, mind, months, moon, paint, paragraph, past, perhaps, picked, present, probably, race, rain, raised, ready, reason, record, region, represent, return, root, sat, shall, sign, simple, site, sky, soft, square, store, subject, suddenly, sum, summer, syllables, teacher, test, third, train, wall, weather, west, whether, wide, wild, window, winter, wish, written

5th 100 Fry Word List

able, ago, am, among, ball, base, became, behind, boat, box, bring, brought, building, built, cannot, carefully, check, circle, class, clear, common, contain, correct, course, dark, decided, deep, done, dry, English, equation, explain, fact, feel, filled, finally, fine, fly, force, front, full, game, gave, government, green, half, heat, heavy, hot, inches, include, inside, island, known, language, less, machine, material, minutes, note, nothing, noun, object, ocean, oh, pair, person, plane, power, produce, quickly, ran, rest, road, round, rule, scientists, shape, shown, six, size, special, stars, stay, stood, street, strong, surface, system, ten, though, thousands, understand, verb, wait, warm, week, wheels, yes, yet

4th 100 Fry Word List

across, against, area, become, best, better, birds, black, body, certain, cold, color, complete, covered, cried, didn’t, dog, door, draw, during, early, easy, ever, fall, farm, fast, field, figure, fire, fish, five, friends, ground, happened, heard, himself, hold, horse, hours, however, hundred, I’ll, king, knew, listen, low, map, mark, measure, money, morning, music, north, notice, numeral, order, passed, pattern, piece, plan, problem, products, pulled, questions, reached, red, remember, rock, room, seen, several, ship, short, since, sing, slowly, south, space, stand, step, sun, sure, table, today, told, top, toward, town, travel, true, unit, upon, usually, voice, vowel, war, waves, whole, wind, wood

3rd 100 Fry Word List

above, add, almost, along, always, began, begin, being, below, between, book, both, car, carry, children, city, close, country, cut, don’t, earth, eat, enough, every, example, eyes, face, family, far, father, feet, few, food, four, girl, got, group, grow, hard, head, hear, high, idea, important, Indian, it’s, keep, last, late, leave, left, let, life, light, list, might, mile, miss, mountains, near, never, next, night, often, once, open, own, paper, plant, real, river, run, saw, school, sea, second, seem, side, something, sometimes, song, soon, start, state, stop, story, talk, those, thought, together, took, tree, under, until, walk, watch, while, white, without, young